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Posted in January 2012

Letting Go And Flying

As long as I can remember I have been enamored by the flying trapeze.  When I was a little girl, I watched in awe and thought “I want to do that!”.  Last week I caught Cirque Do Soliel’s performance of Ovo at the Santa Monica pier and my passion for the trapeze was reignited by an amazing flying act.  So, I figured – “what am I waiting for?”….

Trapeze School New York has a location at the Santa Monica Pier and they were gracious enough to invite me to make a life-long dream come true.  Once again, it is the “people” that participate in these adventures either as instructors or students that enhance the experience.  I was surrounded by positive, supportive, encouraging folks that helped me to have the confidence to just let go and fly.

My incredibly adorable and shirtless instructor Ryan began the session by sharing that trapeze is not about physical strength; it is about listening and timing- you must pay attention to the cues being given and trust yourself to execute the move.  Kind of an interesting metaphor for life in my book.

After a safety review and basic introduction on the ground, I climbed the ladder to the top and started to fly.  The hardest part for me was trusting that I would be held up enough to simply let go and grab the bar (hmmm- another metaphor?).  As long as I listened to my instructor calling out the commands from below me and executed them when I was supposed to, everything was going to be just fine.

I was thrilled with mastering the knee hang and would have left with an amazing sense of accomplishment.  Shirtless Ryan informed me that it was time for a “catch” and that I was ready.  I trusted Ryan and I believed in myself and went for it.  I am still high as a kite 🙂

Letting Go and Flying!



Jumping into the unknown with confidence!

Over the summer I visited Las Vegas with my kids. I went with them to the top of the Stratosphere Hotel and with a great big smile on my face and zero desire to join them I watched them enjoy the thrill rides. The rides were incredibly exciting and they eagerly tackled all of them. All of them but one….

As I embark on my journey of 49before50 there is something that symbolizes all that I hope to accomplish by doing this. I want to inspire, empower, motivate, experience and LIVE life through all kinds of adventures. The Sky Jump from the top of The Stratosphere embodies so many things that I want to feel, so I got in the car with my dear friend Bettina, drove to Las Vegas and courtesy of The Stratosphere, I suited up, rode the elevator to the top, trusted this was where I was supposed to be and jumped. I embraced the unknown and took a complete leap of faith.

The Sky Jump is the world’s highest sky jump. It is a controlled, free fall of 855 feet and a true thrill. I purposely didn’t watch anyone actually jump or see any video of people doing it so I went into it a little naive and very excited. I was not exactly clear about how fast I would fall, or if my stomach would travel up into my throat or what it would feel like. All I knew was that I needed to do it. And I am SO glad I did.

Sorry about the blurry quality of the video and background noise… I have since purchased a new camera and well… Vegas can be loud, lol! Enjoy!

Workin’ it out with Richard Simmons!

I am fortunate because I really, truly love to exercise. I have been taking classes since the aerobics craze started with Jane Fonda’s videos when I was in college. Working out is a regular part of my life and it is really important to me. I have probably taken thousands of exercise classes from hundreds of instructors over the years and as much as I love to work out I have never spent an entire class with a smile plastered across my face for an entire hour – until now….

My friend Dave told me that whenever he feels the slightest bit down there is one thing he does that immediately lifts his spirits and I can completely understand why. I met Dave at Richard Simmons aerobics studio in Beverly Hills to join him in taking a class last week. It was beyond amazing.

Richard is warm, generous, engaging and hysterically funny. His one liners throughout the class are worth the $12 price of admission alone. I did not look at the clock one time and the hour long work out flew by. Each time I thought “this is great” – something even more spectacular came after that. ( Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive was followed by the soundtrack from Dreamgirls)

In addition to Richard setting the tone for a wonderful experience, the others participating in the class were equally as fabulous. There were all shapes and sizes, men and women, in theirs 20s and in their 70s. These people were so “in the moment” , having a blast and not judging anyone else. I would love to invite them all out to dinner with me!

While I do have another 48 things to accomplish I can assure you that I will definitely make it a priority to get back over to Beverly Hills to take more classes with Richard.

Richard Simmons and I =)

Come along with me as I take on 49 Before 50!

I’m Emily Kaufman, The Travel Mom.  Welcome to my year of celebrating my 49th birthday.  I have spent the past 25 years being an awesome mom (which I plan to continue), however, now that my kids are both off to college I am ready to tackle some new adventures.  My definition of “adventures” is very broad and includes all kinds of fun; some that is adrenaline pumping/thrill seeking and others are simple yet meaningful.  I might try being a red head and I would love to perfect making the ideal dirty martini.

When I was younger I always looked at women “of a certain age” as possessing a special poise that I couldn’t wait to find.  They seemed to be comfortable in their own skin and self confident in their decisions.  Now that I am “of that age” it is time for me to get to that place.  I am hoping that by taking on these challenges I will inspire other women to join me.  What are we waiting for?  If not now, when?

Come along with me as I take on 49 Before 50.


If not now, when?

Celebrating all of the unknown on my 49th birthday. If not now, when?