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Posted in September 2012

Making the perfect Margarita!

My husband and I went out on Cinco De Mayo. That was the last time I had a margarita. It was kinda nasty and burned my tummy. My 49 Before 50 adventures are all about having new experiences and I have never made my own margarita from scratch. I’ve had those frozen machines at parties which I really enjoy but since I was in Tucson at Casino Del Sol and they feature an award winning mixologist that was willing to let me step behind the bar to learn, I finally made one (or two).

Check out the video – and keep checking my facebook page for a giveaway to this special. grown up getaway.

The Oaks at Ojai

I have always wondered what it would be like to go to a spa for an extended period of time so when The Oaks at Ojai invited me to spend a few days with them I jumped at the opportunity to do this as one of my 49 Before 50 First Time Experiences. I had envisioned a peaceful, quiet retreat where people walked around in robes and whispered to one another. This was certainly a relaxing escape. However I would call it more of an adult summer camp than a fancy spa. I participated in a variety of fitness classes, ate amazing meals, met some inspiring women and even found time to chill in the pool.