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In my quest for new experiences I have taken on some pretty big challenges. Jumped from bridges, driven in race cars, fired guns and flown on a trapeze. The 49 Before 50 adventure I am about to share is probably the smallest encounter I have had, yet, one that made my heart beat fast never-the-less.

On my last visit to Tucson, my extended family all got together. Lucky for me, my niece and nephew were willing to tag along for moral support as I went to The Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum to get very close to tarantulas. This facility allows people to interact with things that live in the desert in a very intimate setting. As you can see, they even allowed me to hold a tarantula.

PS – One of my sisters lives in Tulum, Mexico. She operates a hotel that is quite rustic and right on the beach. My nephew Dylan looked at me when we were at the museum and said “Tia Emily- this is not a big deal. I found one of these in my house and I named him Henry”. I suppose that’s the perfect example of things we don’t spend time with being intimidating.

  • Mary Lyons

    I lived in Tucson for 8 years and still have a house there. When I first moved there, tarantulas were quite a novelty and while I cherished every encounter, I never picked one up! Not sure I could. The Desert Museum is fantastic. One of my favorite places.