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Taking Flight!

My husband rarely wishes he could tag along with my 49 before 50 adventures, however today I got a text from him that was whiny in nature because he thought what I was doing was so cool. And he was right….

Flight Deck in Anaheim is home to real fighter jet flight simulators. Pilots actually train on these machines but at Flight Deck, the general public has the opportunity to take the controls and fly. As soon as I arrived I was greeted by one of the pilots, “Sparky”. He got me outfitted in a real flight suit and put me through an informative briefing session. Once we completed the introduction, I followed Sparky into the actual training room where real pilots were participating in dog-fighting combat training sessions.

I climbed into my aircraft and Sparky reviewed the different controls on the panel. There were so many buttons, lights and sticks that I was definitely overloaded. At first glance, these look like a complex video game but they aren’t. They are exactly like what the fighter pilots use on a daily basis and it is overwhelming. I closed the canopy and “took off”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the hang of it. Once I got in flight I struggled with evening out the aircraft and ultimately crashed. This looks like it should be a fun game, but it is intense and pressure filled. I am glad I did this and have learned that I should definitely leave the flying to someone else 🙂