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A How-to lesson: The Dirty Martini

I sure do love a dirty martini. I have become a late bloomer with my drinking taste and have recently acquired a true fondness for this cocktail. I would like to credit my friend Julia for introducing me to my current favorite alcoholic beverage of choice and thank my ladies for going out with me regularly to allow me to indulge in one from time to time. While I am very good at ordering my dirty martini (not too dirty, preferably with blue cheese stuffed olives), I never learned how to actually make one – until now…

Linsday the adorable bartender at T-Bones Steakhouse in the Red Rock Resort & Casino in Las Vegas gave me a lesson in preparing the perfect dirty martini and I was surprised by how simple it is. Primary ingredient is vodka with the supporting cast being olive juice and ice – that’s it. Vodka, olive juice, ice, a good shaking to “bruise” the drink and a fabulous martini glass. Check out the video.

Oh and note to self – a second but equally important lesson to me in this whole martini making workshop – “Never judge a book by it’s cover”. The sexy, glamorous, hot bartender with me is in her final semester of graduate school at UNLV getting her Master’s Degree in Bio-Chem. Sassy and smart – my kind of girl!

  • Eric

    Hey Emily, now that you know how to make a dirty martini, you need the world’s best olive juice.

    Let me send you a sample –

    Let me know.


  • Emily Kaufman

    I would LOVE the wonderful olive juice. It has to be better than anything I would pour out of the jar of olives I am using 😉

    • Muny

      Thanks! I am really etexicd about this. Just got back from some big adventures that I will be posting later this week I am already having such an amazing experience and so many other women are getting it .

  • Emily Kaufman

    Where can I find your adventures?