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Base Jumping In Twin Falls, Idaho

I have had some experiences that have been intense as part of my 49 Before 50; skydiving, jumping from the Stratosphere, hang-gliding….however, BASE jumping from the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho has got to be at the top of the intensity list. Thanks to me friends at Red Lion Hotels, I was able to participate in this first time, NEW adventure.

I arrived at the bridge over the beautiful Snake River Canyon and was awestruck by the beauty. I was also smacked upside the head with what 486 feet looks like when standing on a bridge over the beautiful Snake River Canyon. Unfortunately, the winds were too strong to make the jump on my first attempt so I had to settle with a delightful dinner with a spectacular view and try again in the morning.

The morning of the actual jump the winds were calm, the sky was clear and I was ready to go for it. My confidant and capable instructor met me at The Perrine Visitor’s Center, reviewed what we were going to do and strapped me into a harness that would be attached to him. We hiked up to the top of the bridge where he tethered me to it with a cable while attaching me to him. It all happened kind of fast and before I knew it, he was counting down 3-2-1…

  • Kevin Bradshaw

    That was fun to watch. Might do that someday before 60.
    I was part of their triathlon race which takes place on the ground in the Canyon.