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Cooking with Venda Ravioli!

I am thankful for many places. One of which is Trader Joe’s. When my kids were home, this store allowed me to prepare foods that they really love- especially ravioli. Recently I was in Providence, Rhode Island (yes, Rhode Island!) where I had the opportunity to finally learn a bit about home-made Italian Cooking.

The Federal Hill section of Providence is home to a huge “Little Italy” and a classic Italian market & restaurant called Venda Ravioli. It is owned and operated by the very warm Costantino family. Alan Costantini told me that he likes to be “an umbilical chord that connects the people of Providence to Italy”. I like that 🙂

I was introduced to Josephine in the pasta kitchen. She did her best to teach me the proper way to prepare Italian noodle dishes. I struggled with the correct way to even pronounce the food we were making and my culinary skills were a bit lacking. Josephine is an artist and each individual pasta she makes is handled with care. I wish we had Venda in my neighborhood because I am very good at eating but not so great at cooking.

  • Wanda Hoover Tyler

    RI, Providence and Federal Hill are SO small (for a capitol city) you REALLY stumbled onto a jewel. I adore Venda, it’s almost like a little side trip to Italy and the family atmosphere is so welcoming ! If you had called, Id have met you for a bottle of wine and tiramisu ! 😉