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Fantasy of Flight, The Bi-Plane!

Feeling the wind in my face and soaring in an open air cock-pit has always sounded like something I would enjoy. So when Visit Orlando sent me to Fantasy of Flight to experience flying in a real bi-plane, I was definitely excited.

Fantasy of Flight has an amazing collection of airplanes and an engaging, interactive tour that showcases the stories that go along with each, individual aircraft. I have never been a real history buff, but there is something really magical that brings these experiences to life. The owner and founder of Fantasy Of Flight, Kermit, is a true visionary and he uses all of this story telling to illustrate that anything is possible.

After learning a bit about the back-story of Barnstorming it was time to actually board the bi-plane to experience it first hand. I was required to wear head gear and eye protection because the wind was going to be quite intense. I sincerely felt no apprehension in doing this and completely confident with the pilot Waldo. I climbed in, buckled up and we taxied out on the grass tarmac to take off.

The feeling of speeding across the lawn and lifting off was very exciting. Once we were in the air, I was amazed at the smells coming from below. We flew over an orange grove and the strong scent of citrus was really powerful. I indulged all of my senses during the flight and found this to be very exhilarating. I am delighted that this is something to add to my 49 first time experiences.