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If I had an actual bucket list, I am pretty sure feeding alligators would not be at the top of it. Probably not even on it at all. However, now that I have actually had the experience of feeding them, this was DEFINITELY one of my favorite things I have done with my 49 before 50.

Gatorland is home to thousands of crocodiles and alligators. Some of them have appeared in movies, tv shows and commercials, but I did not actually recognize any of them from their on camera work. This is one of Orlando’s very first attractions and has been open for 59 years. Gatorland has retained an authentic warmth and I am certain that it is because of their employees.

I was greeted at the gate by Tim. Tim is a seasoned herpetologist that actually has a relationship with many of the animals throughout the park. He talks to the gators and birds, and they sincerely respond to his voice. Tim genuinely loves these huge reptiles and is passionate about making each guest feel special. The first thing we did was to head back to feed the gators.

At first I truly thought that it would be “no big deal” to toss food to the alligators. However, once inside the enclosure, I was seriously scared. The gators are massive. Great big, giant, live animals with huge jaws, teeth and claws. You can take a look at the video to see the afternoon I spent at Gatorland. This was a first time experience for me and something to add to my list of 49 new adventures.