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Hang Gliding!

I have always had a strong desire to hang glide. I didn’t think that the first time I actually did would be in Orlando though. I am so thankful to the folks at Visit Orlando and Wallaby Ranch for allowing me to add another notch to my 49 before 50 belt.

Hang gliding is all contingent upon the weather. Safety is the number one concern when it comes to this experience so all of the conditions have to line up just right in order to fly. This requires waking up particularly early in order to get in the air before the wind kicks up. The over tired sensation simply enhanced the dream like state I was in because I was doing something I have waited for a long time to do.

Malcolm owns and operates the Wallaby Ranch. He is open, warm, fun and carefree. After hang gliding just once, I can understand why he is so mellow. The experience of soaring is so different from anything I had expected.

The process is surprisingly simple. We went over the basic rules, strapped into the harness and before I knew it, we were flying. I anticipated an intensity; screaming WOOOO and feeling a massive surge of energy. However, it was one of the most peaceful things I have ever done. Once in the air, it is incredibly quiet and somewhat dream-like. Hopefully in the video you can see just how calm it was.

  • CuteBeltz

    Wow! I want to go!