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Ice Hike

I am not a cold weather person by nature. My idea of an amazing vacation usually includes a body of water like a heated pool or
moderate ocean temperatures. A Jacuzzi works too. So naturally, when my itinerary on my trip to Alberta featured an ice hike on a frozen creek, I wondered what I was doing there. However, since my 49 before 50 goal is to experience new things and push myself beyond what is my typically comfortable routine, I embraced the adventure…. and wow, I am glad I did.

Discover Banff Tours is a full service company that picked me up at my
hotel and drove me to about thirty minutes outside of the town of Canmare to Grotto National Park. The witty and knowledgeable guide informed me that this area is famous for not a lot of snow due to their annual precipitation and they are well known for wind and bitter cold. Big confidence boost.

The tour company provided me with ice grips and a cleat-like attachment that fits over one’s shoes. The guide also offered ice poles but I declined. We started off on our hike and it was COLD!!!

Once we moved into the canyon-creek area all of the wind disappeared. Tracks from wild-life in the snow, ice waterfalls and a peaceful beauty replaced the nasty weather. There were a few points that the hike was slushy but no major fear of breaking through the frozen ice. My mind was quiet and I felt exhilarated by the hike. I never feel more at peace than I do when I am deep in nature. I have realized that being comfortable doesn’t have to be a requirement for having a great experience.