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Ice Sculpting

There are some things that I have wanted to do my whole life. Certain skills I have wanted to learn, thrills that I wanted to seek. However, in all honesty, this next 49 Before 50 experience was not something that I had spent a lot of time thinking about. But, I must admit, that doing it, knocked my socks off.

Reverend Butter is a world renowned, ice sculpture artist. He operates DLG Studios out of Houston and is highly sought after for his work. His sculptures are imaginative, creative and larger than life (just like him).

I arrived at his workshop not sure what to expect since I didn’t really know much about ice art. I was blown away by what I saw. Reverend Butter started with a slab of ice. That’s it. A great big slab of ice. No drawing on it, no designing ahead of time, no planning on paper. He grabbed a chainsaw and he was off. Once Butter carved the initial shape of his sculpture, he lit the blow torch and fine tuned it.

I have never used a chain saw or a blow torch before. Nor had I every witnessed anyone create beautiful art from a slab of ice. In my quest to experience 49 new things before I turn 50, Reverend Butter did not disappoint.