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Jumping into the unknown with confidence!

Over the summer I visited Las Vegas with my kids. I went with them to the top of the Stratosphere Hotel and with a great big smile on my face and zero desire to join them I watched them enjoy the thrill rides. The rides were incredibly exciting and they eagerly tackled all of them. All of them but one….

As I embark on my journey of 49before50 there is something that symbolizes all that I hope to accomplish by doing this. I want to inspire, empower, motivate, experience and LIVE life through all kinds of adventures. The Sky Jump from the top of The Stratosphere embodies so many things that I want to feel, so I got in the car with my dear friend Bettina, drove to Las Vegas and courtesy of The Stratosphere, I suited up, rode the elevator to the top, trusted this was where I was supposed to be and jumped. I embraced the unknown and took a complete leap of faith.

The Sky Jump is the world’s highest sky jump. It is a controlled, free fall of 855 feet and a true thrill. I purposely didn’t watch anyone actually jump or see any video of people doing it so I went into it a little naive and very excited. I was not exactly clear about how fast I would fall, or if my stomach would travel up into my throat or what it would feel like. All I knew was that I needed to do it. And I am SO glad I did.

Sorry about the blurry quality of the video and background noise… I have since purchased a new camera and well… Vegas can be loud, lol! Enjoy!

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