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Creating the perfect salad dressing

I have a confession. I use bottled salad dressing. I am embarrassed to admit it and had to do something about this.

Bistro West Steakhouse at the West Inn and Suites in Carlsbad is one of my favorite restaurants for many reasons; they have their own organic garden, their chef is incredibly fun & talented and the food is outstanding. I reached out to my pal, Chef Eugenio and he eagerly agreed to help me to learn something new for 49 Before 50.

We hopped in the car and drove over the garden. It is a beautiful piece of artwork filled with rows of vegetables and strawberries. (Carlsbad is famous for strawberries and they are included in many of the dishes at Bistro Steak). Chef Eugenio helped me to learn what produce looked perfect and was ready to be picked. We gathered our ingredients and headed back to the kitchen.

I am intimidated by cooking. I make a few great salads, but when it comes to combining things to make the perfect dressing, I am at a loss. Chef Eugenio guided me throw several variations of salad dressing, incorporating the assortment of different fresh options into them, giving each one a different flair. I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of making a home-made dressing and I am grateful to my friends at West Inn and Suites for helping me to learn something new for my 49 Before 50.