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Making friends- with a Cuscus =)

I have always enjoyed couscous and known it as a wonderful food, so when I was invited to prepare a snack for a cuscus and feed it at Busch Gardens in Tampa, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I have family in Tampa and while we were out to dinner, I did what anyone else would do in a clueless situation and put my ten year old cousin in charge of getting on line and finding out as much as he could. From his research, I learned that a cuscus is part of the marsupial family, nocturnal and fairly small.

The Animal Care Center at Busch Gardens is a state of the art facility with a commitment to providing excellent care to zoo-life. The Center is home to medical treatment, diagnostics, meal planning and educational opportunities. I arrived there without knowing anything about a Cuscus and through preparing a snack and feeding him, I was able to interact and learn a great deal. This was definitely a first time experience for me and I am happy I did it as a part of my 49 Before 50.