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Scuba Diving!

I am someone that really, truly, enjoys a good adrenaline rush. I can jump from airplanes, leap from bridges and swing on a trapeze. However, when it came to scuba diving I had a really tough time getting past the panic and simply enjoying it. For my 49before50 challenge, I pushed what WAS passed comfortable and learned to scuba dive.

The lesson began in a classroom and it required paying attention to a lot of info. I got a little overwhelmed in the demo when my instructor was showing me how to connect all the air tubes and equipment so I started off a little off my game before I even got wet. Once I got in the pool, I was able to relax enough to actually breath but still felt a little shaky. The PADI certified instructor assured me that I was capable of doing the shallow water dive of 25 feet so I trusted him.

We went out to a small shipwreck for the first real dive. I jumped in, eager to put my scuba skills to work, but had a really tough time getting comfortable with going under the water. Once I settled down and engaged with the rhythm of breathing, I managed to allow myself to let go and enjoy. As long as I focused on the inhale, then “glub, glub, glub” of the bubbles coming out, I was able to swim around and look at everything up close. I am really proud of myself because this one was definitely a real challenge.

  • Jessica Holt

    I also have a fear of going deep down into water, but think I would really enjoy it if I could get down and see the amazing things you can only see from scubaing, nice to know you were able to overcome your fear!