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Taking a Shot

Ready, Aim, Fire!

I have never been what I would call a gun enthusiast. I really didn’t have a burning desire to shoot a gun but there has always been some curiosity about what it would be like. Since I am embracing the unknown, I called the Firing Line, Indoor Shooting Range in Northridge, California and they were kind enough to invite me to come in to participate in an introductory firearms class.

My instructor Scott, was knowledgable, well spoken and engaging. In a classroom setting, he reviewed gun safety, loading the firearm, how to properly hold the weapon, the proper stance as well as sight and alignment. Scott did his best to prepare me for the actual experience of firing the gun. He warned that it would be loud, it would be powerful and it would be intense. Scott stressed safety above everything and insisted on us wearing protective eye and ear gear inside the range. Many of the things I learned from Scott were dispelling the myths about guns that I was accustomed to seeing on television and in the movies. I liked his message that “people are afraid of things they don’t understand” and that “guns get the bad reputation but it is people, not guns that actually do the bad things”.

The first thing I noticed upon arriving at the Firing Line was the constant “pop” coming from the range. As much as I was aware of the noise when I was outside, I still was not prepared for the actual combination of flash, bang and recoil when I pulled the trigger on my own revolver. After spending my day at the range, I am so blown away at what it must take to actually be able to use a gun in a pressure situation. They are powerful machines that require a strong attention to detail and it was a very intense experience!

  • Jennifer

    Wow — it really is just like how shooting ranges look in the movies! 🙂

  • Emily Kaufman

    My father sent me an email – “wow Em, you look really comfortable with that gun- talk about a fish out of water”.

  • Wallace

    Emily mazel and congrats. YOU are teiifrrc this wonderful idea of yours made me smile. You have so much energy and you shine. I know you’ll have an amazing year and fun filled adventures and excitement. I hope we can get together in the middle of it ))). Again, congrats and good luck!!!