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The Adventures Continue… a Recap!

I tend to leap before I look. I am impulsive, spontaneous, emotional and a bit unpredictable. It is with that spirit, I jumped into 49 before 50. There isn’t a specific list of things that I want to do, just opportunities that seem to come up that excite me.

So far I am having such a great time. I am learning a lot about myself and a lot about other people. In the past month, these are a few observations I have made:

People are really interesting when they are passionate about something. When folks are excited by something whether it be a skill or hobby, they light up when they share it with others.

I talk too much. If I can just shut up and listen, everyone can teach me something.

It isn’t how you look, it truly is how you feel. I am appreciating my body in a way I didn’t before. Instead of focusing on wanting to be ten pounds lighter, I am grateful that I am able to fly on a trapeze and glide on a snowboard.

Enjoy this recap of what I have done over the past 30 days. I would love to know which experiences you most enjoyed watching and why.