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The Perfect Fit… What Was I Waiting For?

My body has changed an awful lot over the past 49 years. I have had a couple of kids. I have gained some weight and I have lost some weight. Recently, gravity has gotten involved and “things” continue to shift. Yet, with all these changes, I still have one thing that remains the same in my mind – my bra size.

Truth is that I am not the only one who still goes into the store and buys a bra that was my size at some point. I decided that it is time for me to be properly fit so that I can showcase myself in the best possible light. “Intimacy” is a lovely store that specializes in helping women to find bras that fit them properly. I went to their store in South Coast Plaza and learned so much.

I found out that I make the same common mistakes that other women tend to make. I buy my bra too big in the band and too small in the cup. Once it is on, I don’t even wear it properly so I created that awful, dreaded back fat. I let the smart women of Intimacy teach me how to make a better choice and allowed them to select a few bras that they felt would be good for me.

The associates at Intimacy don’t go by standard sizes. They actually take the time to fit each individual bra to make sure it is right for each individual customer. You definitely get to know the associate quite well as she assists you into the bra and assesses the way it looks. I am very happy with the selection that was made for me and actually felt good about myself. Finally, I had cleavage! I mean I am almost 50 – what am I waiting for?