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Training with the Texans!

NFL training camps kicked off recently. During my travels, I was fortunate to get to have another first time experience by visiting the facilities where the Houston Texans train and see what goes on in a daily workout for a professional football player as one of my 49 things before I turn 50.

Directly across the street from the massive Reliant Football Stadium is the home of the Texans training camp. It is a huge complex with outdoor fields, an indoor, air conditioned bubble, a weight room and all kinds of smaller rooms to accommodate most any need a player many encounter during training.

The PR director referred to the Houston Training Camp as the hottest NFL pre-season experience of any of the pro teams and the facility is set up to make sure any athlete that needs medical attention can quickly access it. One of the first rooms in the building is set up with an examining table and IVs. I was told that players can loose up to 15 lbs of water weight during a single work out so they are equipped to provide intravenous hydration to anyone that needs it. Just outside of that is an area that houses all the machines that the players use outdoors to drink as many fluids as they can. There is no expense spared in making sure that the players medical needs are given first priority.

The indoor bubble is an air tight, full size, football field that not only serves as a hands on training facility but a VIP reception area on game day as well. The close proximity to the stadium makes this location a great draw for people that want to “pre-game”.

I was really blown away that the Texans actually cultivate each piece of the grass field here as well as it is replaced after each game. There really is so much more to preparing for football season than I realized. It was definitely a treat to experience the “behind the scenes at the Houston Texans training facility” for 49 before 50.