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Workin’ it out with Richard Simmons!

I am fortunate because I really, truly love to exercise. I have been taking classes since the aerobics craze started with Jane Fonda’s videos when I was in college. Working out is a regular part of my life and it is really important to me. I have probably taken thousands of exercise classes from hundreds of instructors over the years and as much as I love to work out I have never spent an entire class with a smile plastered across my face for an entire hour – until now….

My friend Dave told me that whenever he feels the slightest bit down there is one thing he does that immediately lifts his spirits and I can completely understand why. I met Dave at Richard Simmons aerobics studio in Beverly Hills to join him in taking a class last week. It was beyond amazing.

Richard is warm, generous, engaging and hysterically funny. His one liners throughout the class are worth the $12 price of admission alone. I did not look at the clock one time and the hour long work out flew by. Each time I thought “this is great” – something even more spectacular came after that. ( Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive was followed by the soundtrack from Dreamgirls)

In addition to Richard setting the tone for a wonderful experience, the others participating in the class were equally as fabulous. There were all shapes and sizes, men and women, in theirs 20s and in their 70s. These people were so “in the moment” , having a blast and not judging anyone else. I would love to invite them all out to dinner with me!

While I do have another 48 things to accomplish I can assure you that I will definitely make it a priority to get back over to Beverly Hills to take more classes with Richard.

Richard Simmons and I =)

  • melody

    WOW! I did not know that Richard actually taught classes, what a FUN and uplifting experience!! I love the 40 before 50! Brilliant!!

  • melody

    oh, need a shot of the necklace!!

  • Emily Kaufman

    Melody – the necklace is definitely going into a time capsule that I will open again on my 50th birthday and look back on all these amazing adventures. He was beyond warm and wonderful!

  • Corine

    You’ve worked out with Richard Simmons that is AWESOME!!! HE does always seem very happy and motivational!

    Great site!!!

  • todays date

    I think my hubby and I are gonna take on the Sky Jump in Vegas at the stratosphere. Free fall 800 feet. Anybody done it before?